Our focus is on helping your family preserve stories and legacies.

Hi there! Thank you for checking out StoryBites.

As founders, we created StoryBites because we needed it for our own families. We knew that other's needed it too. We have aging grandparents who we can't see often because of distance or health reasons, and over the past year have a bigger appreciation that even our parent's lives, or anyone's for that matter, are not guaranteed.

Our families' stories, their individual lives, and their personalities is one of the most priceless things we can try to preserve. Preserve for ourselves in the future to look back on, preserve in case they are no longer here to tell their stories, and preserve it for future generations to understand where they come from. We know that if we don't try to preserve, it won't be done, and we will regret it.

We feel we need more than just the photo albums, ancestry data, or journals that may exist (don't get us wrong, those are great too). The thing is that nothing quite captures the essence of a person like video can. We are people with lives, and capturing this matters so much. With video, you can see personality, mannerisms, a smile, a laugh. That's what StoryBites is all about.

We're making it easy and fun to capture stories by creating an accessible platform, asking the right questions, and taking the pressure off by capturing bite-size stories a few minutes at a time. Then, by delivering a final product that isn't just another file on your computer, we can ensure the longevity of those stories.

We thank you for your interest in StoryBites, and are eager to speak with you to hear what you think, and how we can do even better.


Milton, Matt, Gareth

P.S. Below are some pictures from our childhood, guess who is who!